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Colour Rendering Index

Colour Rendering Index, commonly referred to as CRI, is a method we can use to measure how colour looks to the human eyes, depending on the light source as compared to the sun. The CRI provides a scale of values up to 100, with 100 being the best colour rendering light quality. The higher the CRI value (also called CIE Ra), the more accurate the colours will be. Light sources that have a CRI of 95% or higher let our eyes see excellent colour rendering, but the industry standard is 80 CRI.

Offering you 95+ CRI with arbn lighting

arbn lighting CRI

Industry standard CRI

Light test report

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Energy efficient lighting

With arbn lighting, we provide the most energy efficient lighting at the highest efficacy rates in the lighting industry. We offer a premium range of LED lighting solutions. All LED arbn lighting has a measurable Colour Rendering Index (‘CRI’) of 95 CRI or greater (up to 98+ CRI) which makes arbn lighting simply the best ‘full spectrum’ lighting available anywhere today.

arbn lighting benefits

Leading 7 year 100,000 operating hours, non-prorated, full replacement warranty

Provided under our LaaS  programme only, we offer industry leading 7 year 100,000 operating hours, non-prorated, full-replacement warranty for our LED lighting products (this includes the full cost of replacement of lighting products and the installation costs).

By purchasing our 7 year non-prorated warranty, we offer replacement of our lighting products (not including the costs of installation of the replacement lighting products).  

Efficacy rates

One of the highest efficacy rates in the industry at 121 Lumens per watt, with the lowest ‘decay rates’ of LED lighting measured over time in the lighting industry