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3 step dimming 

Our Led Smart T8 Tubes are all  3 step dimmable: 100%, 50%, and 25% … while maintaining 95 to 98+ CRI at all lighting output levels.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Bluetooth enabled lighting controls 

 Fully control the level of light output for each lighting fixture, either independently or in any combination of lighting fixtures. With true linear or step function dimming, time of day initiated and other automated lighting changes. The system allows for programmable responses to demand response requests from utilities to reduce energy consumption during peak use, exceptional ability to respond to the wellness and productivity needs of all building occupants and more.


Connect with upto 200 devices. Our advanced integrated Bluetooth technology (from Casambi and Tridonic) allows the Client to easily enable, disable, dim or increase lighting levels, or simply programme, save, and use a wide range of lighting effects (‘scenes’) that meet your lighting needs.


With our Wi-Fi connectivity, connect with upto 10,000 devices. You’re in control of your own lighting scenarios, dim, disable, increase lighting levels to meet your own demands.

Demand  Side

Use our intuitive network controls to determine the scenes you would like to create.

We offer pre-configured or customised lighting control and response scenarios such as: 

Custom tailored room lighting changes suitable for projection use.

True linear fade to dimming capability over selectable response time periods to facilitate automated power reduction responses to Utility requests for demand side power reductions.

Time of day responses to peak power use costs and more.