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How our service works:

Our Lighting-as-a-Service offering is designed to be flexible in order to meet the needs of your organisation. First, we work with you to develop a strategic program and identify sites to maximise savings across your portfolio of buildings. Sites will be professionally audited to gather data on the current lighting and controls equipment and panel layout to ensure we deliver an upgrade programme that optimises cost, any available incentives form local utilities, and your savings.

Operating Savings without upfront Capital

Meet energy efficiency and sustainability Goals

High energy efficiency with savings

No maintenance costs

What makes our Lighting-as-a-service offering to all of our clients unique?

We provide you with an advanced, customized, high quality 95+ CRI LED lighting system and advanced controls solutions without any of the hassle, maintenance or repair costs.  Leading 7-year 100,00 operating hours, non-prorated, full replacement warranty.

No capital is required upfront:

No purchasing of ‘state of the art’ lighting products needed by Clients to improve their building environments. No installation costs and no replacement costs to you for either the lighting or the installation labor costs.

Off Balance Sheet service a non depreciating asset:

Lighting-as-a-Service is therefore classified as an ‘Off Balance Sheet’ service expense, not a purchase of a depreciating asset.

Positive cash flow:

Lighting-as-a-Service creates and shares with the client positive cash flow realized from arbn lighting generated energy savings back to the client from the first month forward

An integrated Turnkey Project:

We offer an integrated turnkey project and financial solution with zero out of pocket costs